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• 10/22/2013

Texture file for new, custom blocks

Hello everyone!
Below is a link to the texture file for the new blocks that I added.  The hull textures are actually from Kupu's lower resolution texture pack, credit for that goes to Tom Berridge.
Simply download the file above and move it into your StarMade>data>textures>block folder (overwrite if/when prompted).  Voila, you're done.  Next time you load up StarMade, the textures will be active.  Keep in mind, each update overwrites the files in the texture folder, so you'll have to copy the file above into that same folder after a game update.
I plan to add more blocks in the future, but for now, here are the relevant stats for the new blocks:
Reinforced Hull: 88% Armor, 400 HP
Korsynthian Crystallized Glass: 85% Armor, 450 HP
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• 9/25/2013

Weird Lag out issue with server.

I don't understand why it does this to me but for whatever reason I'll be fine for 5 to 10 minutes with a steady ping of 30 ish and then it jumps increasingly higher and higher till I get booted of the server.
Its not my net as everything else works fine and its not Starmade per se because other servers work just fine for hours on end...
The only thing that is different that I can think of between this server and others I tried is the whitelist but I wouldn't see how that would be responsible...
I like the server a lot but under current circumstances I'm not really capable of playing so any help would be appreciated.
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• 9/13/2013

Use of AI modules by the military

I am a military officer, so I am not exactly unbiassed in this.
I feel that the LDF and the SRN require the use of AI modules aboard their ships above a certain size, for reasons of immersion, and simplification.
If military officers are to have the use of multi-ship fighter squadrons, or turrets, they must have the ability to controll their AI.  Yes, AI can be added without the modules, but this requires manual intervention by the ADMIN for each instance, which can get very time consuming, and the officer in question has no acces to controll ai behavior.
These are unlikely to be stolen, because the officer will have a vested interest in keeping their ships intact, without which they may not be promoted.  They are unlikely to be stolen by others, because the naval ships are so powerful as to make disabling but not destroying part of them difficult or impossible.
I do believe that a ruling might be made, to the effect that Military AI are not up for grabs, and that they count as captured crewmen, which may be ransomed, but not treated as an AI module or used by the capturer.
In short, This game requires access to AI to make the navy functional.  I know that we are growing a mature and friendly community, that respects the rules ((at least OOC they respect them  *_0   )).  I am quite confident that this issue can be handled WITHOUT either flooding the market with AI modules, OR crippling the navy.  Thank you for your time.
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