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• 9/25/2013

Weird Lag out issue with server.

I don't understand why it does this to me but for whatever reason I'll be fine for 5 to 10 minutes with a steady ping of 30 ish and then it jumps increasingly higher and higher till I get booted of the server.

Its not my net as everything else works fine and its not Starmade per se because other servers work just fine for hours on end...

The only thing that is different that I can think of between this server and others I tried is the whitelist but I wouldn't see how that would be responsible...

I like the server a lot but under current circumstances I'm not really capable of playing so any help would be appreciated.

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• 9/25/2013

Hm.  Not sure what the problem could be specifically.  I'll look over server logs and see what messages were sent around the time of your disconnects.  Ash'gan, correct?

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