Texture file for new, custom blocks

Hello everyone!

Below is a link to the texture file for the new blocks that I added.  The hull textures are actually from Kupu's lower resolution texture pack, credit for that goes to Tom Berridge.


Simply download the file above and move it into your StarMade>data>textures>block folder (overwrite if/when prompted).  Voila, you're done.  Next time you load up StarMade, the textures will be active.  Keep in mind, each update overwrites the files in the texture folder, so you'll have to copy the file above into that same folder after a game update.

I plan to add more blocks in the future, but for now, here are the relevant stats for the new blocks:

Reinforced Hull: 88% Armor, 400 HP

Korsynthian Crystallized Glass: 85% Armor, 450 HP