Bandit Claw Vanguard
It's Vanguardian!
Manufacturer Unknown
Class Fighter
Dimensions Length: 16 meters

Height: 13 meters Width: 15 meters

Mass 65.3 (653 blocks)
Power Regen: 9107.4 e/sec

Tank: 20,000

Engine thrust 155.7
Shields 14728
Weapons Quad AMC Pod containing 4x14 AMC blocks.

Note: I, MisterVec/DashOSeven did not design the original Bandit Claw. Mad props to the original designer for a neat little ship.

The Bandit Claw VanguardEdit

The original Bandit Claw is a light fighter.   It's cheap and easy to produce, making it fairly ubiquitous in the hands of pirates and other ne'er-do-wells. Fortunately for the rest of local space, they are also very easy to kill.

So, someone decided to rectify that.

The Bandit Claw Vanguard variant is a much nastier piece of work. Only slightly larger than the base model, the Vanguard sports a host of improvements over the original. These include:

  1. Drives upgraded to high-powered vectored thrust ion engines that significantly improve the vessel's performance.  Thrust-to-Mass Ratio has been upped to approximately 2.3 to 1.
  2. Power generation boosted to 400% of the base model's capacity, allowing continuous high-powered movement/shield regeneration/weapons fire to all occur simultaneously indefinitely.
  3. Shield systems boosted to 500% of the base model's capacity, putting them on par with many light and some heavy fighters.
  4. Hull reinforced with AMC-resistant Noiritanium alloys.
  5. Blast wall added to the front of the cockpit to aid in pilot survival should the shields and nose section be breached.

Thankfully, all of this has placed the the new model a bit beyond what your average pirate can afford.  It is unclear who upgraded the design or for what reason.