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Blitzcore Promo


The goal of Blitzcore is to score more points than the opposing team. Points are earned by getting a blitzcore into the designated scoring area (hereafter referred to as the "net"). The team with the most points after 15 minutes of play wins. Game lengths may vary depending on participants.

Player vesselsEdit


Players control vessels that are equipped with pulsator arrays. The arrays may be used to launch the blitzcore towards the goal or other regions of the playing field. Pulsators may also be used to disable and throw the ships of opposing players.


  • The game begins with a "tip off", where the blitzcore is positioned within the center of the field, equidistant from each team. Once the timer begins, players may move towards the blitzcore to gain possession.
  • Points are earned by getting the blitzcore into the opposing side's net. This may be done by launching (with pulsators) or pushing the blitzcore into the net. Players may not simply dribble the blitzcore into the net. If the player's ship enters the net while carrying the blitzcore, a point will not be awarded.
  • After scoring a goal, the opposing team will gain possession of the blitzcore and be awarded a free launch or dribble.
  • Cores launched outside the playing field will be considered out of bounds. The team responsible for launching the blitzcore out of bounds forfeits possession of the blitzcore, and the other team earns a free launch or dribble.
  • Rounds last 15 minutes.
  • Sudden death occurs if teams are tied after 15 minutes. During this round, the first player to score the next point will win the game. In the absence of scoring a goal, the last player standing will win the game.

NOTE: The core game of Blitzcore is a work in progress. Rules are subject to change as the game develops.