The CA-100 class Heavy Cruiser is the mainstay of the Lunarian navy.  Her relatively small fusion plant nonetheless provides enough power to compete with other ships her size, while being fuel efficient enough to stay on station for months.  Her crew of ten has facilities unmatched in the navy, with recreation area, theater, and spacious dining.  

Combat RoleEdit

The heavy cruiser class is designed to deal with any challenge that may present itself.  The docking area has room for five light vessels, usually fighters.  The six main guns are individually more powerful than that used on a Neibelung class frigate, although almost half of her firepower is mounted on turrets.  Both guided and unguided torpedoes are available, as well as various electronic countermeasures.  

The recommended employment method is long range patrol, or deployment with escort into moderate military actions.  Despite being not much more powerfully armed than a light cruiser, the Astra-class boasts more versatility, and is far more suited to being a flagship.

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