The Lunarium Defense Fleet has long depended on its lighter combatants for peremeter patroll and commerce protection.  While under normal circumstances a destroyer is more that sufficient to deal with pirates, sometimes a firmer hand is called for.  One step up from that would be the light Cruiser.  

Pictured is the CL400 class, the most recent line put into production.  With a primary focus on speed and firepower, this ship is nevertheless well shielded and armored against all but the most concerted of attacks. 

This powerful ship is normally given as a first command to a captain of the list, and is a sign of high favor towards higher rank.


The CL400 is armed with five AMC, each as powerful as the main gun of a Neibelung class Frigate.  In addition, she carries twin heavy torpedo tubes and twin heat-seeker batteries.  Her six point defense batteries keep her flanks covered well enough, while the dorsal and ventral main turrets are more than enough to take down pesky fighters. 

This class's shield strength is still classified, as are her armor depth.  The power/weight ratio of over five to one however, make her more than able to catch up to smugglers and bandits in a stern-chase.  

This craft provides more than sufficient living space for her ten man crew, and has suffieicnt bunkerage for her single fusion reactor to remain in operation for three months without refueling.  As the ship is quite massive, it is reccommended that a wise captain invest in a small landing craft, rather than attempt landing this ship on a planetary surface.