Manufacturer Associated Industries
Class Heavy Fighter
Dimensions L:27m x H:18m x W:18m
Mass 152.1
Power 20,000 (6,527.6 e/sec)
Engine thrust 338.9
Shields 11,949.0 (677 s/sec); 0.5 recovery
Weapons Dual side-mounted weapon pods (anti-matter cannon arrays, 5 banks eachpod), 1 bank of heat-seeking missiles)

The CV300 was originally designed as a heavy escort, but it proved too slow and heavy to keep up with normal fighters, and too lightly armed to tangle with frigates. In desperation, the Lunaris Defense Fleet attached two secondary weapon pods from a Moraine class light cruiser, and sent it into battle as a heavy capital ship escort. Ironically, once in combat, even the secondary weapon pods were not enough to even scratch the armor of a cruiser-class vessel. Commanders of this class of ship usually try to hide in the fleet until smaller interceptors come into range of their missiles.