Genral InformationEdit


Age:  36

Traits:   True Neutral, Technical Genius, Mechanical Genius, Design Guru.

Longer Traits: Very little Combat Experience(Real or Simulated), Mediocre Pilot (Tends to stay on the ground designing ships), Gets Space-sick(In ships without artificial gravity).  Burn scar on Right cheek/Neck area


Bio:   Not much is known about Cavall, Nobody knows where he was born, in fact nobody even knew he existed, until he Invented an incredibly more efficient power core than seen in any current generation ships, he started building a buisness around technology, and his tech became standard.

at the age of 31 he sold CaveTech in equal shares to both the Lunara and Solaris governments, and is now a freelance ship design/modification specialist. 

At the age of 32 he was abducted by pirates, and wasn't released until three years later, after he transferred his entire bank account over to the pirates, he has only recently recovered from the wounds the pirates inflicted, and now has a burn scar across his face from a plasma coil sabatoge incident.

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