FF-100 Nibelung

FF300 Nibelung

This, the main class of frigate in the LDF, is one of the most famous and effective ships in the navy.  Boasting a single VERY powerful cannon, as well as a single torpedo launcher and mounts for two point defense turrets, this class of ships is both well rounded, and powerful.  

With six staterooms, as well as full access to engineering and weapons diagnostic stations, this ship has sufficient room to prevent crew unease on short to moderate deployments, while being lean and fast enough to keep up even with fighters in a raiding force.  

Noteable ExamplesEdit

Plum Blossom Snowflake: This ship, originally commanded by Admiral Ixalite during his early career, was saved from the breakers and is kept in comission as his request.  She has seen action all over known space, and is still a force to be reconned with.