Falcon Mk5
Manufacturer Valyron Industries
Class Heavy Fighter
Dimensions L:29m x H:12m x W:24m
Mass 139.9
Power 20,000 (20,702.1 e/sec)
Engine thrust 421.8
Shields 16,082.0 (838 s/sec), Recovery: 0.5
Weapons Quad anti-matter cannons

Developed by Valyron Industries and based loosely on the eponymous pre-space age Lunaris fighter jet, the Falcon series of one-man strike vessels was designed as a short-range systems defense and patrol spacecraft. Deployed primarily by Lunaris Customs, the Falcon provides trade-lane security for sectors under Lunaris control. The Falcon is extremely effective against pirate vessels of the same class and can even stand toe to toe with most corvette sized vessels.

Current iterationEdit

The Falcon Mk5 was designed principally in response to Solaris' Raven fighter. Improved shield and weapon systems were installed on the Falcon, rivaling those of many corvette-size vessels. The cost, however, was a reduction in maneuverability over previous models - an aspect of the Mk5 that many pilots lament. The Falcon Mk5's stock weapon complement of quad anti-matter cannons were enhanced specifically to deal with thick hardened hull. Despite this, the thick armor-plated hull of Solaris' Raven still gives it the advantage in dog fights between pilots of equal skill.

Previous modelsEdit

The Falcon Mk3 and Mk4 saw widespread use during the initial expansion of Lunaris into Vivacitas space. The Mk3 and Mk4 were more agile designs than the Mk5, and many pilots still prefer these older models over the Mk5 despite them sporting less firepower. While the Mk3 and Mk4 have been discontinued, many de-weaponized versions can still be found on the secondary market. And, much to the chagrin of the Lunaris Defense Fleet, some armed models have even come into the possession of more unscrupulous individuals.