Frank Creedle

"Why ask why when the question to ask is when?"

Frank CreedleEdit

  • Birthname: Creedle, Frank
  • Birth Parents: Jack Creedle & Veronika Creedle/Vern (Divorced)
  • Age: 39 Years Old
  • Traits: Cynical, Cold Hearted, Sarcastic, Intelligent


Frank was once a very successful pioneer in the fields of science and engineering. Born and raised on a small desolate clump of fertile dirt abandoned by the Solaris (it became useless to such an industrial race in a matter of years.), an agricultural planet named Xylvania, he had always had a knack for tinkering with machines. He became very educated in mechanical workings and created a few inventions that led his family to grand riches later on in life. He was also quite the buisness man. So forth, he had created a company, Xylvanian Inc. And with this new company, he began to monopolize all goods manufacturing on his home world and soon grew too big for his tiny home. He then ordered his many underlings to start the contruction of a space port, and proccedingly build a ship grand enough to take him to the stars, as he was seeking to claim it all. And in due time, he had his ship. But sadly enough, the quality of the engines was poor, and it was destined for destruction. Unknowing of his impending doom, Frank set out for the stars, ready to expand. When he was aproaching the deeper space away from the solar system of his home world, sirens began to blair, and the crew members sprawled about, in a teribble panic. The engines had started leaking fuel into the innards of the ship. Such a highly explosive substance could only lead to a firey death for all. Now aware of the death that awaits, Frank rushed to the escape pod he ensured the engineers built, and launched himself from the ship, with nothing but the money in his pockets and the space suit he'd had custom made for himself. As he was launched from the ship, he watched as the catlyclismic explosion set in, and saw his glorious ship burned to nothing but space dust. After hurdling for nearly a year in space, surviving on the shuttles rather abundunt food supply, he finnaly ramed into a station and decided it was about damn time he began his new life. Frank seeks to start his company anew, and return to Arboria the richest man alive. But recently, upon hiring a few crew members and buying a small cargo freigther to call his own, he was then attacked by raiders upon his departure from the shipyard.

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