Ship name
The Rendii Defense Fleet's Garuda Heavy Fighter
Manufacturer Rendii Industres
Class Heavy Fighter / Heavy Interceptor
Dimensions 23 long 6 height 14 width
Mass 86.3 (863 blocks total)
Power 9709.3 recharge with a total power capacity of 20000.0
Engine thrust 159.2
Shields 18968.0 total (114 blocks) a recovery of 0.5
Weapons turret has two guns of 8 each.

main body has four guns of 14 each, making 56 in total on the main body.

All thanks go to DashOSeven AKA MisterVec for creating this fantastic fighter for me!)

Garuda Edit

Rendii Industries Garuda series Heavy Fighter is a Rendii Defense Fleet exclusive ship, built out of necessity against an ongoing war with pirates. they finally reached full on service when Rendii pulled out of controlled space unrestricted by weapon laws.

It usually operates solo or in wings of 4-6.

The Garuda series is not for sale, if it is seen not wearing Rendii Friend or Foe tags maintained by the pilot it is assumed to be automatically hostile and is DISAVOWED by Rendii.

Kimuni Edit


The mass produced Illegal variant of the Garuda

The Kimuni. the ILLEGAL version of the Garuda, Rendii disavows this variant of the Garuda, This ship's forebear was stolen by a group of RDF traitors, who proceeded to mass produce it and sell it on the black market, it is now widely used by pirates, RDF break offs and rebels of Rendii. Pirate fighter wings usually comprise of 3-6. though you can still find a single Kimuni among a fleet of pirates using Glaive-Worms and the like.

The Kimuni is now wide spread only a few pirates really use them, the Kimuni see's most of it's action fighting it's Garuda series brother, being Piloted by Rendii's traitors and Rebels in attacks on Rendii in hopes of either overthrowing Rendii Industries and taking their territory and wealth or just to cause dis-array in general.