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Grimm Trading Company
Allegiance N/a
Home sector -10, 6, 6
Notable sites Unknown
Notable members Malen Grimm

The Grimm Trading Company, owned by Malen Grimm, is a small organisation dedicated to the manufacture, sale and trading of many of the items and equipment that have become vital to the ship-building industry.

Despite its small size, the GTC has had many dealings with the various factions inhabiting known space. The company is reported to be growing rapidly, thanks to the agressive and efficent recruitment policy it employs.

With the majority of traders attaching high prices to even the most basic items due to the threat of piracy, the GTC aims to undercut its competitors by offering rock-bottom prices most goods and services.

However, there has been much speculation as to how the company can afford to offer such low prices, when most other companies are being forced to put their prices up just to stay in business. Inevitably, there are some who claim that the company is involved in a variety of underhanded dealings, including the sale of illegal weaponry, theft and unlicenced mercenary work. Athough no offical accusations have ever been made against the company, the recent seizure of the Company Chairman's private vessel by Lunaris customs officers has only added to suspicion. An offical complaint was quickly logged against the Customs office by the company's legal team, and the ship has since been returned to the GTC.

The Grimm Trading Company is now taking steps to clean up its image, and it is rumoured that the company is close to securing a legitamate manufacturing contract with the Solaris Royal Navy.