Iron Prophecy
The emblem of Iron Prophecy.
The emblem of Iron Prophecy.
Allegiance Unaffiliated
Home sector 5.15.26
Notable sites Vox Aetheris

Archelon Station

Notable members Adrasteia

The Cult of the Iron Prophecy (CotIP) is an ancient organization that has supposedly existed since before the fall of the Terran Hegemony. It has fallen out of the public eye ever since, but with the arrival of a new Voidborn the cult has risen to power once more.

The new iteration of the CotIP has claimed sovereignty from Lunaris and Solaris with the nation's government operating under a theocracy. The cult has adopted a policy of military neutrality, appearing to only instigate conflicts with pirates and no other major factions.


The cult follows a void-worshipping practice, seeing empty space as the ultimate perfection. Different sects of the cult perform this worship in different ways, with the most extreme destroying whole planets to restore their idea of perfection.


The only non-classified image of a Voidborn.

Odd phenomena known to the cult as Æthenatae (Voidborn) are another major idol. Voidborn are humans that have almost zero pressurization inside their body, meaning that they can survive for extended periods in near-vacuum environments. It is unknown how or why the Voidborn have this trait, but it is seen as proof of prophetic origin for any person with Voidborn properties. Voidborn also cannot live planetside due to atmospheric pressure, so, according to archeologists, they would commonly live inside depressurized temples built in open space.

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