Jzargo Vulpes
Age 32
Gender Male
Occupation Owner and CEO of Vulpes Industries
Allegiance Lunaris and Solaris divisions
Faction affiliation Vulpes Industries

Born in a vehicle stuck on the Ramscom aerial motorway, Jzargo entered the world under unusual circumstances. Raised in a very competitive family, Jzargo's parents were both independent corporate owners. Their intense sense of competition drove their innovative nature. At an early age, Jzargo took his first foray into the business environment running a cut-throat lemonade concession. Him and his friends engaged in "friendly" competition to see who could develop the tastiest beverage in the galaxy.

During his later teenage years, Jzargo attended the University of Selini where he studied Business and Marketing. Shortly after he graduated, he started his own company called Vulpes Industries. The company's initial focus was on refreshment distribution and their most popular product was a drink called Atomic Citrus. Atomic Citrus was hugely successful and generated enough profits such that Jzargo was able to expand the offerings of Vulpes Industries. His parents, seeking to retire, offered to put their respective companies into Jzargo's care. His father ran a space vehicle business and his mother a furniture manufacturing company. Jzargo incorporated both divisions into Vulpes Industries, branching them into Vulpes Mobile Works and Empire Furnishings.

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