Kelesith Lindoro
Kelesith Lindoro
Age 20
Gender Male
Occupation Lunaris Defense Fleet: Lieutenant Commander. CEO of Rendii Industries
Allegiance Die Hard Lunaris
Faction affiliation Lunaris Defense Fleet,

KL Industries

Biography Edit

Raised on Lunaris Prime, Kelesith quickly gained a love for space travel over the course of his teen years and quickly started working to ensure he could get a ship trying to make his family proud and make a lot of money in the process.  The day he could take a job, he made himself a business out of private and public contracting on mining and freighting cargo and is continuously looking to expand his business.

Public Information Edit

Graduated from university at the age of 19, went back the same year and got his second degree within months.

Kelesith Lindoro involves himself in all of Rendii Industries business, known to go into Rendii Industries labs wearing a lab coat and aid his science teams, and is always seen monitoring and supervising construction.

Lost his Father, Mother and his sisters to marauding pirates on the date 1311.05, it is publically known in and out of Rendii Industries that he has never recovered from it, has been known to be VERY WRATHFUL towards pirates in general after this incident.

Kelesith Lindoro is born to a obscure but high wealth aristotatic family.

Traits Edit

Born and raised on moral, business and ethical codes Kelesith Lindoro is both polite and naturally sympathetic constantly apologizing if he feels he has wronged someone or if they seem offended.

Will Occasionally mix up names or misspell or mis-pronounce them.

Trusts easily, but when his trust is utterly broken becomes wrathful

Secretive about his business and gets defensive when his privacy is messed with.

Does not blatantly lie, but will attempt to stretch the truth to his gain.

The Original Kelesith died on stardate 1308.14 and the active clone body of Kelesith is an imperfect one, coughing constantly.

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