Vivacitas Wiki

As per the Concordance of 1302.22, the following laws will be enforced by both Lunaris and Solaris to ensure regional peace and security for their citizens:

  • Civilian ships are allowed four (4) four block AMC for personal defense. Ships more heavily armed are to be impounded for general safety. Letters of Marque may be purchased from government officials, for pilots to be commissioned as privateers. Letters of Marque permit the recipient to use military armament on their vessels. These letters must be carried on the vessel to which they are issued at all times, and may not be traded.
  • Assaults upon members of the military will be regarded as acts of war, and will be responded to with both due and undue force.
  • A building permit must be purchased for large scale construction on planets or stations. The cost for such a permit is between 2 and 5 million credits, depending on local tariffs and regional building codes. ((This is simply the cost of the build block itself. Purchasing the build block from a shop is the equivalent of a building permit.))