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The emblem of Lunaris
The emblem of Lunaris
Allegiance The Terran people
Home sector 2, 0, 2
Notable sites Lunaris Prime

During an era of rapid technological advancement on the planet Terra, there existed two primary nations - Lunaris and Solaris. Despite a deep history of armed conflicts and disagreements, relations between the two were stable. However, as their populations grew and the demand for resources increased, the need for expanding territorial control led to an escalating number of clashes and disputes. The nations' leaders agreed that if these events were left to continue, there would be an eventual war, fueled by desperation, that would be more costly than any other before it. While each was independently exploring the development of sustainable space travel, they decided to bring together their best minds working on the projects to expedite development, bolster diplomatic relations, and stem the tide of war. As promising advances were made through their collaborative efforts, tensions started to alleviate. The first ventures to the stars revealed a rich universe - perilous, but full of opportunity. Each nation was allowed to claim entire planets or sectors for their respective sovereignty. To symbolize their hope for lasting peace and prosperity, the nations agreed to rename this region of space Vivacitas.

Lunaris approached expansion into space with the same ideologies that shaped their governance on Terra. Worlds were colonized with respect towards minimizing disruption of native ecosystems. Rigorous trade and mining regulations were put into place to promote fair practices and economic stability. The Lunaris government promoted regional security through the enforcement of strict weapon limitations. Research centers were constructed dedicated to the advancement of technology, principally in the areas of energy and propulsion. With strong beliefs in justice and diplomacy, Lunaris society spread its influence throughout the region.