Lunaris Defense Fleet
Allegiance Unknown
Home sector 4, 4, 3
Notable sites Classified
Notable members CDRE Axel Ixalite

LCDR Kelesith Lindoro LT Balorn Halgarus

The shield and sword of Lunaris.


Letters of Marque issuedEdit

Nymphadora, a frigate (the ISRF CRUISER PRECURSOR)

Dash-oh-seven, (VFW cantata)

Rowan, (LPFF Mazikeen)

Military contracts issuedEdit

Response logsEdit

1309.20 Admiral Ixalite on patroll with ensign Kendall.  Pirate base eliminated near 10,0,0.  Continuing patroll, encountered ransacked station near 9,4,1, population massacared.  During investigation, an attack by five small pirate craft was defeated, Ensign Kendall wounded.  The ensign was rushed to Lunaris Prime, where she recieved medical care and is in stable condition.  One pirate was also captured, turned over to Lunaris civil authorities and his ship impounded.  


Lunaris Prime ShipyardEdit

The principal shipyard for the Lunaris Defense Fleet is located in orbit around Lunaris Prime. Its facilities are capable of producing Super Capital class vessels for military use.