Malen Grimm
Age 28
Gender Male
Occupation Trader
Allegiance Solaris
Faction affiliation Grimm Trading Company


Malen Grimm has no offical home planet; he was born in space, and he's spent almost all of his life on various ships, stations and orbital platforms. Malen has never had one job for very long; he tends to flit from one job to the next, taking whatever work he can find, and this suits Malen just fine, as he has grown used to his nomadic lifestyle, athough some of his former occupations may not have been strictly legal. His inherent paranoia has helped him avoid pirate raiding parties, customs patrols, and much more besides. While it may take a while to earn his trust, he can make a valuable ally, and even a steadfast friend. Just don't expect him to trust you.


  • Lawful Neutral.
  • Eye for numbers.
  • Quick-witted.
  • Paranoid.
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