Marcus "Shrike" Hamilton
Age 23
Gender Male/Cyborg
Occupation Shipwright and Strike leader of Jade Sky.
Allegiance Jade Sky Rogue
Faction affiliation Jade Sky

Marcus Hamilton second born of Henry Hamilton the head of Hamilton Mining Corperation or HMC. Which owned many mining worlds before the Solaris absorbed them.

He grew bored of constantly being expected of being a high and mighty nobleman. At the age of 15 he started to act out and get into trouble. He would desperatly try and find the next interesting thing to do. Eventually he heard that space life was exciting so he composed a plan to get out.

Using his parents money he hired himself punks and pirates forming Shrike's Mercenaries. They would take small jobs here and their, usually fighting small pirate groups or defending mining vessels. One day though he took a contract to defend a Large Cargo Hauler but the contract was unusually well paying. Soon he found his company being surrounded and destroied left and right by a large military-like force. His ship became horribly damaged and he could do nothing but abandon his crew and escape the slaughter.

Stuck with little money and no crew, he plans his next exciting adventure. But he holds a special grudge against both his father and Solaris.

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