The visual Identification of the R-I300-A series
Manufacturer Rendii Industries
Class Light class.
Dimensions Length: 29m

Height: 13m Width: 31m

Mass 112.3 In mass (1123 blocks. Turret not included)
Power 20,000 power capacity. 2945.7 recharge
Engine thrust 135.8 (speed up is slow)
Shields 1280.1 (upgradeable)
Weapons none (turret not included)

The R-I300-A series of Rendii Industries Civilian ship series is made with two purposes. Mining asteroids and planets. and the ability of substituting as a household and dropship, with two Observation area's personal storage, studio bedroom, bar and Kitchen and a port on the top of the ship to attach the R-I300-A series Mining laser.

This ship can be manned by a minimum of one person when stationary and the heavy mining laser is not in use.