Raven Mk5
Manufacturer Combine Enterprises
Class Heavy Fighter
Dimensions L:31m x H:12m x W:24m
Mass 143.7
Power 20,000 (17,481.8 e/sec)
Engine thrust 348.1
Shields 11,383.0 (654 s/sec), Recovery: 0.5
Weapons Six anti-matter cannons

Developed by Combine Enterprises, the Raven series of fighters was designed as a heavy assault ship for the Solaris empire. With six banks of powerful anti-matter cannons, this vessel easily tears through both hull and shield of opposing ships. And, while its shield capacity and recharge are lower than other fighters of its class, the Raven compensates with a heavily armored hull. Critics of the design fault the Raven for its relative lack of maneuverability, however. Though not as agile as Lunaris' line of Falcon fighters, the Raven more than makes up for this in survivability and offense. Among detractors, the ship is labeled as a "bully", but pilots of the Raven make no attempt to assuage this "negative" perception.

The vessel is primarily deployed in system as a short-range defense craft. However, the Raven is also often used as an advance assault ship when claiming new territory for Solaris.

Current iterationEdit

Raven Mk5.

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