JS HF Scythe
Manufacturer Jade Sky
Class Heavy fighter
Dimensions L: 22 m
Mass 63.5
Power 20,000 e
Engine thrust 43.9
Shields 10,055 s
Weapons Unknown



The scythe is a product of the combined engineering and aesthetic design of Zack Hall and Marcus "Shrike" Hamilton. This heavy fighter was designed as a fast and hard hitting attack craft. The staple ship of Jade Sky members, the organization stands behind the quality of their vessels.


In a sour business deal with Baron Von Dougal, Jade Sky had this design "commandeered" by the pirate lord. Refusing to provide payment for the vessels, the Baron instead modified the design to use in his pirate fleets. The "War Scythe" as they've been renamed, were painted red and black to better suit the color scheme of the Baron's Fanty Raiders.

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