Solaris Royal Navy
Allegiance Solaris
Home sector Krosov (-6,3,8)
Notable sites Solaris Prime (-4, -4, 5), Voath (-7, -3, 12)
Notable members SO: CAPT Flandry

TO: CAPT Rahilly, CAPT Vozlikia

The military might of the Solaris.


Commanding Officer:


Staff Officers::

CAPT Flandry

Technial Officiers:

CAPT Rahilly

CAPT Vozlikia

LT Rei


LT Ryyk

Ens Imperial Gold


Ens Sozin

Ens Maulins

Letters of Marque IssuedEdit

Military Contracts IssuedEdit

Response LogsEdit

Date: 1310.19

Distress call received from Frank Creedle who was getting tailed by unknown pirate crafts. LCDR Flandry tried to come in time, but missed the pirates, instead finding their base and destroying it before they came back.

Kills: 1 Station, 2x Bandit, 3x Nightshades

Date: 1309.10

Distress call received from Malen_Grimm regarding 2x unknown pirate craft attacking home planet. LCDR Rahilly responded to the call and engaged and destroyed the crafts.

Kills: 2x Unknown Craft

Date: 1309.08

Distress call received from pilot Mark Dusk after being engaged by 2x unknown Pirate craft. LTJG Sin was the first respondent and eliminated the pirate crafts. After eliminating the threat he checked on the condition of the pilot Mark Dusk. At this point Ens Imperial Gold arrived on scene to provide backup. Dusk's ship was then found to be in possession of illegal armament. Armament was seized from Dusk, who was then sent on his way. Following this incident 4x pirate craft arrived on scene and were engaged by SRN Forces.

Kills: 2x Unknown Craft, 2x Bandit, 2x Nightshade, 1x OAB