Taraneth Eligo
Space woman by planetdarkone-d2adqfl
Age 19
Gender Female
Occupation Engineer
Allegiance Jade Sky


Tareneth grew up with a group of space pirates that made their living by raiding barges and ships for various tech loot. Her father Artor the captain of the small crew saw her as his treasure, the only thing he still lived for. But raising her was hard, gifted as she was with the wrench she spent her younger days alone in the machine room, learning about various types of engines and tech. She was the opposite of her father, he a strong well raised man while she prefered dirt, grease and hard work.

As Taraneth grew older she began to question her fathers actions, the killings, the raidings the crimes, all the things that causes to much pain. Her father took her down to the living quarters, poured up a glass of liquor and sat down in one of the seats, peering out into the empty and cold space. His voice heavy, cold as the space outside he spoke to her "All grown up now have we?" he said looking at her. She nodded lightly as while responding with a quiet "Yes father". He nodded in return before taking a sip from the glass "Do you not like what we do? What we do to survive..ever since your mothe-"  She interrupted him with a cold stare "Don't bring it up!" she yelled out withannoyance while waving her hand dissmissivly. "Very well" he repsonded quietly "Maybe this is not for you then, pirates, raiding, fighting for yourself." She shook her head while turning her back before taking a few heavy steps, followed by a deep breath she continued walking towards the shuttle bay, this life was not for her. Without a word from her father he simply smiled as he watched his grown up girl start off just as he did..heading towards the nation Lunaris she was looking for a new start. Without the uneccesary violence.


  • Observant
  • Calm.
  • Slightly sinister.
  • Weird obession for tech.
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