Stardate 1311.07

Rendii doomed to die?

War Weary Citizens on the planet of Rendii were shocked when their Governor and defensive militant general Kelesith Lindoro, boarded a personal shuttle to a small fleet of RDF ships above. Battling it out with the Pirate Armada's drawing closer. within this fleet were Six fighter wing squadrons consisting of twelve each and the Inominatus just before Kelesith docked on it the Inominatus was shot down taking atmosphere, Refugee Outpost 32 was directly hit with the full brunt of the ship and the blast, now known as the Inominatus crater killing 100 people. right after the impact Kelesith Lindoro's shuttle was seen leaving orbit with a full wing compliment following, along with a Pirate Glaive Worm corvette chasing.

Below is the impact site, taken by an orbiting RDF fighter pilot before the fighting intensified


The atmosphere once blue is now a sickly brown with dirt and grime thrown into the air making the air unbreathable gas masks and air tanks have been issued at refugee camps.

Kelesith Lindoro a TRAITOR?

Kelesith Lindoro left without a word. shell shocked and tireless looks on his face leaving for coordinates unknown. Word of possible sell out or abandonment is spreading like wild fire amongst the camps all attempts to contact him are left in silence.

no words, not even bearing false hope.

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