Rendii Industries is pleased to announce that the Rendii Radiation cleanup effort is complete and Rendii is now habitable again!  Rendii Industries settlers and citizens raced back to the planet for Resettling and have already begun rebuilding!

In other news.

The RDF and Patronus Elite Guard are in high gear to establish themselves to Protect Rendii from all those who would hurt innocents.  RDF ships are soon to be seen flying in formation above Rendii.

SciSat-032V has been shot down by an unknown Terror force and destroyed, because of this The lockdown of Rendii grows tighter as all civilian ships are now grounded, and without VIP access RDF and the Patronus Elite Guard are allowed to fire upon a vessel at will, that is not marked RDF or LDF.

RDF and the President of Rendii urges people to keep calm, that the People of Rendii will not be Terrorized by cutthroats and killers!

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