Zack Hall
Age 21
Gender Male
Occupation Fleet Commander
Allegiance Jade Sky

At a young age zack looked to the stars in envy of those that had the ability of spaceflight, his family was very poor and lived on a planet in a far sector of space that once boasted a huge resources of ore, unfortunately after the invention of the scavenging beams land based mining became obsolete and many worlds became quickly striped of ore and abandoned, unfortunately many people were left on the old mine worlds even though they had been taken there by the Hamilton Mining Corperation HMC for short, HMC sore no reason to take them to new worlds as they were an obsolete tool for there use. The Galaxy changed to a world of few luxury's for most and the only jobs left to people were those only technical jobs requiring intelligence or jobs of villainy and pirates acts requiring nothing but violent tendencies and not much pity, so in such a world it was hard for zack to grow up but despite the fact of consent starvation and hardships he trained in technical running of ships and trade to the point were he managed to work his way onto a supply runner ship after working for 3 years he now has the money to start a group to enact his life goal to forge a city in which he will let all who where abandoned by HMC and build a new life for them selves in the universe.

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